Awake my bride.

Daughter I will pour out my glory on those who call on me. Much brightness and heat will explode on much darkness, and fear is felt by the Nations. Your time to prophecy has come, with many that I outpour my holy spirit on those that call out to me, on those that hunger so deeply for these days to begin. They will begin, when the appointed time is released all will prevail. A time like no other daughter. Such grief, such shame, such panic will be among my people and the Nations I have scattered my people to. Why did they not listen, why did my people abandon my ways for a glory not from me but a glory full of deceit. I have chosen many among you the meek and the humble servants will shine.

The strength I give to my own for their special time, is like no other. A time the heavenly hosts are waiting for a shining of my glory poured out on my own. Your faces will glow from inside yourselves, your hearts will feel like exploding with my presence while other's hearts explode from fear. Hide not from me my children, hear my call now before it is too late. My children how I weep for your time has come. Choose well, choose my life for my life is eternal and my gift is free to those who come to me. Humbleness is my desire and I wait for you my dear ones, I am here only a breath away, your righteousness does you well, but put away all murmurings and dissension (Emma's note: difference of opinion) among yourselves, my body is broken and not ready for me. Much time has been allowed but you sleep, you slumber your days away not waking to my call ... awake my bride, come away with me, and find joy everlasting and a peace I intended for you to purposefully fulfill your days in my glory. Come to me now and abide in me daily.

Jeremiah 33:3 Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.