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Lili Grace:

Hi there! My name is Lili and I'm a young christian that has found  my saviour- Jesus. I live in Australia, in the beautiful state New South Wales. I am obsessed with anything with fur, and I ride horses. Anyway, I started this blog for one reason: Jesus. I want girls (like myself) to find self-worth in someone who was selfless. To know they are loved by the lover of the universe. I want to share God's Truth!

Emma Grace:

Hi I am Emma, mother of Ruby and Lili.  I used to live a very busy worldly life, until, praise God, I gave my heart to God fully.   Not just a part time believer, living the life I thought was best for me, but one that I finally humbled myself fully to; God and Jesus, who died for my sins.  


We made a family decision in the year 2013 to become a set apart family, home school, and make the move from Gold Coast Australia, into a lovely country town in the Northern NSW.  It was a big year of changes and although at times I felt overwhelmed at my choices, I knew my heavenly Abba Father was guiding me gently and I could with Him, achieve great things!  I would like to share with you, parts of our journey, to encourage, give an alternative, and maybe an inspiration to live a life of Love, Peace and Truth, as we search daily for Truth, in the blessed Holy Scriptures.  As I made time for the Lord, He revealed to me 'Precious Words' of what is coming. Please take these to prayer and heart for time is short.  If you need prayer, please contact me.


All the glory and praise be to Abba Father.  

Ruby Grace:

Hi there! My name is Ruby.  I love living in the country.  We do distant education, which gives me the time...

I would tell any one thinking about making this change that it is ....

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