My presence is with you

My voice is always with you it is only a breath away. My presence is always with you and only a step away. The steps needed to physically and spiritually reside in my realm for a brief moment in time are only a breath away. Your desire is great and mine is greater, your time is your will and willingness to spend enriched by my beauty that surrounds you. Let it touch your heart, let it speak to you early in the morning, your time will not be wasted, for no time spent in my presence is ever wasted, but those that abide in me will reap great rewards, rewarded with vitality and strength to face the day, to face those that oppose me and inso you. Be diligent and wise, speak slowly and always choose your words with foresight and hear my words come forth, for if you ask my words will flow through you to the hearts of others and it is here that the seed is planted. Go well today, practice hearing my words to be your words, Go daughter into the world , but be not misguided by the cares of this world for I have over come and it will come to pass all words of truth and in depth heart felt knowledge.

Take comfort in these words daughter, search daily for my words, my heart expands when you worship me and sing to me in the sweetest of voices. Your tears are my tears crying for a world to come to me, a world that does not know me. Seek me and tell all of my call to my children, come to me children each day.

Psalms 22:3 But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel.