Let go of your ways

Storms in life can devastate, can produce such feelings of helplessness and misery. These are needed to devastate one's thoughts and beliefs, to begin again to rebuild what I intended from the very beginning. Listen to my voice and share these words. When you feel you cannot keep on through the storm, you look around you and all you see is hopelessness and misery and no way to stop the ferocity of the onslaught of the enemy, know that I use this to cleanse you, to break you down, to bring you to know that your possessions and emotions that you hold onto so dearly on this earth are not needed or welcomed at all in the Kingdom. Your strength is not needed, your will is not needed, even your strong desires are not needed. Your peace is welcomed, your humility and gentle spirit is what is given and received with joy.

The storms in your world and flesh, feel devastating and with no way out as you look at the devastation after the storm has passed. This quiet after the storm is the time you need to reflect to rebuild to see how I want to destroy all the things that will ultimately destroy you. Come into MY shelter, weep and let go, let all of your ways go and re-learn , rebuild in my ways. Now this takes time, just like rebuilding a town that has been devastated by a storm. But know that every moment, every day is putting the truth

back in place , and building a new person and a new body in Christ .

Child heed now my words for they will save you and keep you close to me and in my love and protection, for I will not destroy that that I have built and that that I love which is good.