Create a Holy Routine

...because it is written, “Be holy, for I am holy.” 1Peter 1:16. So how do we be holy, when we have so many stresses of everyday life coming to greet us each day? If we are to be set apart and holy, creating a Holy Routine can help to bring Shalom and Love into our hearts and homes. In my home I like to start each morning with a coffee and bible in hand and pop outside in the peace and quiet. Abba Father shows me so much in the morning, be it our kitten and our lamb playing together or the simply elegant cloud formation in the morning sky... whatever it may be, I praise and thank my Father for his blessings and gifts of joy in the simple pleasures around me. After some morning contemplation and opening the blessed word, I do feel better equipped to be Holy... but then, of course as a mother I have tween and teenaged daughters to get started into their home schooling, and this can be a challenge all of it's own! What I like to do is play my you-tube "morning worship" playlist, starting with my favourite song at the moment "Praise Him" (under fav songs) before long I even find Lili and Ruby singing in the worship as we potter around to get into our day. At breakfast we all sit together and we listen to "Keys for Kids" a wonderful ministry hosted by Uncle Charlie. It is a short audio devotion, with everyday situations that children, come across during their walk as young christians.... a bible verse and a story, gives a great opportunity for Mum to discuss any other lessons. We then get our "Everyday Blessings" books, by Rebecca Currington, and take turns in choosing a "word" for the day. We have a book each, as i purchased them online for only .99c each and it is really special to each read and share our thoughts on the chosen word and scripture verses pertaining to it. Does the peace and Holyness continue... umm... i would like to say yes of course, but at times wordly life pushes it's way back into centre stage. However as the day unwinds, and providing the weather is good, the girls ride their horses as I sit and give instruction, ponder the beauty of my surrounds, laugh to myself as I watch our dear lamb trying to get in on the action ...and then I breath in Yah's presence. I am so happy we made the family decision to move out of "the busy world" big as the decision was, we are so very blessed to live on a farm and be in Yah's nature. Oh the joy of the challenge each day to be holy as I am holy, a verse that does well to spring to mind often! Be blessed and holy!