What's the name of your belief?

My very dear friend who resides in Melbourne and a working mother, asked if I could look after her two sons during the school holidays. Normally her boys would stay with their grandparents, and then stay a night or two with us, but these holidays were different. My friend's father had had 3 strokes, and miraculously recovered and was recuperating at home. So like any good friend would do, I offered to have her boys for the full week. But I did mention that it was the week of Passover, my friend, who is not familiar with our beliefs, but works with some Jewish ladies, offered to send some matza bread with the boys, as she said she lived in the Jewish capital in Melbourne and all the supermarkets had it on the shelves. I was thrilled as where i live, it is very hard to find a shop that sells it!

So, I get this email from my friend, titled "So exactly what religion are you?" Someone from her office was wondering why she was buying matza bread... It really made me THINK about my faith, and what I believe AND WHY. Something I think that is good for all of us to do. So below is our email conversation which poses great questions, and I am going to ask you "What is your religion and why?" Much Blessings Emma

Mel: Love can you please explain…. One of the gals in here is Jewish and questioned why on earth I would be buying Matzos Balls/ crackers etc. I told her about you and that the boys were bringing this stuff up. She wants to know what is your religion is that you respect the Jewish food etc.? Know what I mean love? I don’t know the answer so couldn’t tell her. xxxxxxx

Me: Sure hun, and many thanks for the Matza. Ok we believe in Yeshua (Jesus) he was Jewish the tribe of Judah, and there fore we follow the scriptures for the Jew, Gentile or foreigner who follow Torah and do as Jesus did. That means we follow all feasts in the bible as commanded in Leviticus (these are not a Jewish only right, they are for all who honor our Abba Father in Heaven) including getting rid of yeast (levin) etc. When the Hebrews left Egypt it included foreigners and Egyptians and they were to ALL follow passover just the same as the house of Israel. We also follow the commandments and keep the Sabbath, and not eat unclean foods etc. I guess we are not the traditional Christian, but Messianic. For me personally, If i can follow as close to what Yeshua and his apostles did and taught, I am going to be closer to the truth than to follow mans traditions and religion. As Yeshua said, "If you love me you will obey my Commandments"... and we do to the best of our ability! Hope that explains it to your friend, much love Emxx

Mel: Whats the name of your belief?

Me: God is the name of my belief, Jesus is who i believe on...! but some call it Messianic, BECAUSE we honour the Sabbath and feasts, only if it has to have a name. To be honest Mel, man have given beliefs' names, ie: Catholic, Baptist, etc... but I simply believe in the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, the God of the Holy Bible, named Yahweh. I truly believe one day in the Messianic reign of our Messiah there will be only one belief and one way, and that will be Jesus and those who choose to follow and obey HIM. As you may tell and i know you know me, i am passionate about my beliefs!! Love you, Emxx

So.... What is the name of your belief? An interesting question to ponder. 1Peter 3:8 Finally, be ye all of one mind, having compassion oneof another, love as brethren, be pitiful, be courteous