Today I am so filled with the love and gratitude to God. I feel a peace at times so fulfilling it lifts my spirit to soaring heights, and I weep with joy.  My overwhelming desire to know Him and to search the Bible to know more about the life of Yeshua, Jesus Christ, is a daily pleasure. It wasn't always like that, in fact very far from it.  As far as Heaven is from, well.. let's say this world.

My Testimony ...

My parents separated when I was 6 and we left Australia with our Mother early hours of the morning arriving in Christchurch New Zealand airport in March 1974.  It was an emotional arrival greeted by my Grandparents.  I had a wonderful childhood with horses and Irish dancing, and a loving mother that encouraged and supported us mostly on her own.  I have 2 sisters, one older and one younger and 1 younger brother and for a time growing up a step family. I also have a half brother that we spent time with when we visited my father in Australia.

My mother is a very devout Catholic, and took us to church every Sunday.  I had a love for God and I remember very young, having prophetic feelings but not quite sure what they meant.  As I grew up, I ventured toward a Spiritual-New Age life-style that I packaged around God, not hippies, and I truly believed I had arrived at the truth.  I was gifted with dreams and prophecy and always prayed to God first before I did a reading for someone, but I still was ignorant and deceived.  I know now that I was NOT walking on the true path, although I know God had His hand on me all throughout that time, it wasn't the life he desired for me. 


In 1988 I moved to Australia, and my Father helped me start up my own successful decor business, that turned into a full family business.  At 23 yrs of age I married a handsome Italian and lived a very worldly and superficial life, striving for success that led us on an exciting whirl wind of a marriage, entrepreneurs we were called, travelling the world, even meeting famous people in Hollywood. There was not much time for God except fleeting prayers and the occasional church service for a wedding or baptism.Our marriage may have looked exciting and wonderful from the outside, but it was far from it. Eventually we lost everything, including our marriage. I never truly knew where to search for the answers other than by my own thinking and strength, and that got me only deeper in the cycle of self.  

I married again at 34 and had two beautiful girls, Lili and Ruby. Sadly that marriage to Newton lasted initially for 5 years, and I moved in with my father and the girls.  Sad and hurt and still searching for an unknown happiness to fill my void, my next passion was Texas Hold'em Poker tournaments.  My Father enjoyed going to the local RSL (Returned Serviceman's League) Club and each Monday night we would have a meal and play free poker. (The girls in the kids club having fun). We had always been a family that played games including cards, so when Dad suggested we play poker, and assured me it was free, I was on a new journey.  It led me to play in the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas representing APL Australia in 2009. All through the tournament, each morning before I started, and each night after I finished, in a Hotel room in the middle of Las Vegas, I thanked God and I prayed.  My mother had given me a little plaque with the scripture verse Phil 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me. I stared at that verse every night before I drifted off to sleep. My father, who came with me watched and supported me and after 5 days of playing with the World's elite, I was the 5th last surviving female in the world and won over $32 000 US. Yet, I came back home poor in my spirit.  I didn't know it then but it would be 2 years before my void would be finally be full.

2011 my life changed drastically. The year began in January with a major flood that had me in tears and shock, seeing the city of Brisbane, Australia where I had lived under water.  Then the next month in February, Christchurch, New Zealand, the city where I grew up had the world in shock as it suffered such a major earth quake.  When April produced the tragic Japan earthquake, which found me away from my daughters visiting a friend for her 50th birthday, I knew then that the words I had read many years earlier, in a book given to me by mother "Mary's messages" by Annie Kirkwood, who claimed to hear from Mother Mary of the pending world catastrophes, were coming true. At that stage I was a New age Catholic, without much knowledge of the Bible.  Sadly I had not really read, the now most precious book to me in the world "The Holy Bible".  Back then, I just trusted my own ways, which was a mixture of spiritual and Catholic faith. In the book I read back in the late 1990's of the prophecies of a changing world, the one thing that I remember was there would be two suns in the last days. Back then, I thought well when I see two suns in the sky I will worry then.  

As 2011 moved into full swing, with world wide chaos, including the approaching Comet Elenin, I found myself searching the internet for answers.  And that was when I saw the videos claiming two suns were seen all around the world... BUT then my heart beat faster as I realized I too had actually seen two suns set back in 2009 at a family BBQ.  Why at the time I did not remember the book and my having read about two suns in the sky, I am not sure. But needless to say, I can promise you dear reader I saw two suns, and I was not the only one. We all, about 6 adults, were astounded at seeing the sun set twice!!! But somehow we all just put it down to a phenomenon that we couldn't explain and life went on.  Please click here to watch the video I made with photo proof.  That did it for me.  It was May 2011 I fell on my knees, repented, gave my heart fully to the Lord God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, and started reading and reading the glorious Holy Bible, and I just couldn't stop- I was gloriously devouring the word.


It was September, that year, on Yom Kippur  as we were all waiting for Comet Elenin, that I was fasting and praying in my room.  My daughter Ruby who was then nearly 7 yrs old came into my room and rubbed her little finger on my forehead.  Thinking I was frowning, I asked her why she did that, and she just said I don't know and skipped out.  A while later I went to the bathroom, and when I looked in the mirror, I burst into tears.  I had a little cross on my forehead made from led pencil shavings that Ruby was inspired to place there.  The beautiful thing was that I had been reading in the word that God places his seal on his chosen ones, and I was humbled to the floor to know that my God saw me, and heard my cry to be set apart for His purpose and to be made worthy to be His Bride, even though I had lived such an imperfect life thus far I felt cleansed and forgiven and loved.  

This is where my journey back to the Lord began.  The following year, 2012 my father who lived with us passed away, and I am witness to a miracle of his salvation as he was a self proclaimed atheist.  I will share this testimony on my blog soon, however this opened up to a change so I decided to make a commitment to being set apart and we, my daughters Lili and Ruby and myself,  moved out of the city and into the country to live on a farm.  I started home schooling my daughters, so that I could also teach them the ways of The Lord.  We have been blessed with horses, a cow and baby calf, chickens, cats and a dog.  

Having been separated from my husband Newton for nearly 10 years, and no one since in my life except the Lord and my daughters, I am so happy to have all my time to dedicate to reading the Word, teaching my girls the Word, praying, and most wonderfully hearing the Word, which is what I call my "Precious Words".   Many of my friends call me extreme, and my estranged husband Newton even suggests I be more "middle of the road" in my faith.  BUT how can I? How can you explain the passion and the weeping, and the love and the shame, and the desire and the longing to share the good news of the soon return of Yeshua, Jesus our Saviour.  The sadness and hurt that comes from seeing the world turn their back on our Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus, refusing to welcome the Holy Spirit of Truth.  The longing not to be of this world but in the eternal Kingdom that is to come, our true home.  Yes we are thought of as strange, (I prefer peculiar:)  we honour the Sabbath, and the feasts, which are a glorious shadow (to represent faintly, prophetically,) of things to come.  We are not normal Christians even to most.  I have such a desire for the 2nd coming of the Lord, (which is now upon us), that if I read a book, other than the Bible, it has to be for further Christian knowledge , if I watch a movie, which is rare, it has to be Christian, if I have a conversation I have to try somehow to weave in the Glory of God.  I am blessed to have my older sister Kate who lives in New Zealand to be there for me, to study with to talk with, to pray with and to share the revelations with.  Her love for Abba is an inspiration.  


Praise be to the Lord, a big change happened in my life, from a worldly entrepreneur, running businesses, meeting Hollywood stars, to playing poker in the world series, to a simple and glorious life on a farm, near Byron Bay NSW Australia, where I see the sunset every night, gaze at the stars and worship and praise the Lord for all my blessings.  I have never been happier in my heart but my life has never been harder.... see doesn't that sound peculiar but it is the glorious truth.